Keyless homes or voice controlled appliances now possible with Smartlink

Smartlink, SA’s leading provider of home automation connectivity recently announced further 3rd party product integration with keyless homes and voice controlled appliances.

Security is central

Smartlink is already leading the way with South Africa’s only automation gateway that is simple enough for end – users to install themselves, connects to most alarm systems, enabling comprehensive automation options, whilst also providing energy consumption measurement and video, all in one app.  “We believe that SA consumers are foremostly concerned with security and therefore make security the central to any automation implementation. Giving users real-time connectivity with their security enables them to provide valuable input in mitigating their risk, whether that means knowing the source of false alarms and intervening, or just providing access to emergency services from anywhere” says Arno Hattingh, Director at Smartlink.


Smartlink is scalable according to individual requirements and allows you to pick the devices you wish to control and build your own device ecosystem, whether your requirements are security, access, energy or video related. “What makes this new technology even more remarkable”, says Hattingh “is that it easy enough to install yourself with the help of our very simple to use app, and the fact that no expensive and unsightly cable runs are required”. This makes this technology affordable to anyone.

Yale Connected Living Lock

In line with our culture of ongoing innovation, we recently announced further 3rd party product integration with Yale Connected Living Lock and Amazon Alexa. The Yale Connected lock was previously limited to pin code or smart tag operation. Smartlink is proud to announce that this lock is now smartphone controllable too, enabling end users to provide front door access to anybody from anywhere. Heard of keyless cars? Keyless homes are now a reality too.

Amazon Alexa

Smartlink also recently released their Amazon Alexa skill set, not only enabling voice control of your Smartlink ecosystem, but also now enabling end-users to bring their audiovisual automation requirements together with their home automation commands in one place. We mentioned keyless home, now we also bringing you voice control of your automation and audiovisual technology, all through one device. Watch demo here .

We have further new updates and releases planned for the foreseeable future, but more about that when the time comes, says Hattingh.

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