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It is estimated that South Africans are spending R45 Billion annually on private security. That is R15 Billion rand more than the SAPS annual budget, totaling an annual R75 billion spend in crime prevention. This excludes the cost to insurers and victims to make good the result of crime.

Despite ad hoc marginal gains in crime statistics reported by the SAPS, South Africa remains high on the list of countries with unacceptably high crime rates and no evidence exists to suggest that the crime prevention spend is bearing any long-term gains. 

Whilst reliable data on the arrest rates following reports of crime does not seem to exist, the conviction rates seems even more concerning. What we do know is that around 80% of perpetrators of violent crime gets away with it.

To put the above in perspective, if 95% of all alarm activations in South Africa are false, only 5% of all the activity of all armed response vehicles you see in your neighborhood, are productive. 

Until now, your security system was a mysterious piece of technology that you refrained from engaging with, other than pressing the arm and disarm button. Your understanding of its behavior was negligible and other than the odd phone call or SMS informing you that your armed response is investigating, you had little to do with your own security. By subcontracting the accountability for your security, you remained in the dark about the causes of your alarm activation, and what follow-up ensued. An investigation into the events were both cumbersome and time consuming.

This suited many of the lesser transparent security service providers because they could not be held accountable for the efficiency of their response. They could charge you a call-out fee to perform many basic user functions for you, whilst the cause of false alarms remained in a vacuum of accountability. You paid for inefficient and inflated service costs due to unproductive deployment of resources.


Luckily technology evolves and never more so than during the fourth industrial revolution that is unfolding around us right now. Imagine a world where total control and oversight is now available at your fingertips, anytime and from anywhere, for the cost of a pizza per month, empowering you to:

  • Arm / disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world.
  • Receive real-time updates telling you exactly which zone activated, which user entered or exited, or when power or connectivity was lost.
  • Perform various functions of your system, which previously seemed too complicated.
  • View real-time or recorded video footage to see who is entering your property or what caused the alarm activation.
  • Have video history as evidence to hold perpetrators accountable in court.
  • View all historic alarm activity on your smart phone.
  • Switch on / off lights, plugs, geysers, pool pumps, as well as open or close locks, gates and doors with the use of the Smartlink smartphone app.
  • Set schedules for the above or control on demand.
  • Receive alerts of water leaks or fire.
  • Monitor energy consumption of your connected devices to see where your energy spend is going.



Smartlink now makes simple, transparent, control available within everybodies budget and giving you:

  • Absolute peace of mind that you are in control of your overall property 24 hours per day, regardless of where you are, without losing any of your existing investments, functionality or service agreements.
  • Oversight and transparency of your security system and service, connected devices, video and energy consumption, enabling you to intervene or play an important role in optimizing its efficiency.
  • A user-friendly control interface to your property that is not only simple and effortless to use, but also installable by anyone who can use a smartphone.

We can’t save the country from crime, but we can empower you to take control of your own security.

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