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In South Africa, the air B&B market has surpassed all other forms of rental accommodation online booking sites and many South Africans have latched onto the idea of letting their homes, over peak holiday periods for a good income. Swallows who live in Europe for the summer and then migrate to South Africa for the European winter own properties that are either rented out or stand closed for a long period of time.

There are however some factors that need to be considered when having property on the rental market to ensure that your tenants or guest have a safe and memorable time whilst holidaying in your home. The market place is flooded with rental agents who promise to manage your property for you, but they ask a fair cut for their efforts and are often not as hands on as you would wish for.

A couple of tweaks to a rental property can help hugely and can make your life a lot easier and ensure that your tenants or guests have a wonderful stress-free experience. The Smartlink Yale Smartlock allows you to lock and unlock the front door from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to program access codes for the duration of your visitors stay and open for them when they arrive. Once they download the app onto their smartphones, they can unlock and lock the front door and arm and disarm the alarm until you change the codes. This means that there are no keys that can get lost or travel home with your guests when they leave. It also means that your guests are not responsible for carrying keys with them, making them vulnerable if keys are lost or stolen. A simple reprogramming of codes can ensure that your property stays safe and keyless.

Not only does this mean you don’t need to get into your car to see your guests in, having the geyser; alarm; pool pump and lights connected to the Smartlink App means that you can manage energy consumption and ensure that your property looks occupied even when there is no-one home. By creating rules for the geyser to come on and off and by setting times for the lights to come on and off, you ensure that you are using power to its best potential. You can be notified immediately if you have a burst geyser by connecting a smart water switch to your home automation system.

Smartlink Geyser Control

The Smartlink app can display electricity consumption of your geyser in real time. You also have full control to turn the geyser off or on manually or via a timed event

Monitor all of this via the Smartlink app from anywhere in the world. The Smartlink App makes it so much easier to let in the cleaners or the repair man and activate the alarm when they leave. No more waiting for delayed arrivals; no more waiting for the repair man who got stuck in traffic! How cool is it to be able to have a bunch of welcome flowers delivered to your property before your guests arrive and manage this all from the convenience of your Smartlink App from your couch! 

Smartlink Video Control

With the Smartlink App, you can view strategically placed cameras to see what triggered your alarm

Let’s add cameras to the Smartlink App. Now you can open the gate and allow your response company to do a thorough investigation of your premises instead of peeking over the gate when the alarm activates. Now you can see for yourself what activates the alarm and what is causing it. With a couple of strategically placed perimeter security cameras, you have immediate, real time notification of what triggers your alarm. 



The Smartlink gateway that allows you to manage all connected devices will cost you less than a property management agency and the monthly fee for the interactivity costs less than a pizza per month. No need to replace your existing alarm system, no need for wiring or cables. Its smart to have Smartlink at your fingertips. Your insurance company will love your for ensuring that your property is well protected. Your risk profile will drop as well your premiums.

Welcome to 21st century security where control is in the palm of your hand.

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