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NSRI Stations 18 (Melkbosstrand) and Station 26 (Kommetjie) benefit from the Smartlink Gateway

As part of Smartlnk’s social responsibility program, a free Smartlink gateway was donated to NSRI station 18 (Melkbosstrand) and Station 26 (Kommetjie) respectively.  The donations serve two purposes: assisting the station to be able to react faster in cases of emergency and evaluating additional use scenarios for the product. 



NSRI Base Station

An NSRI Base Station Equipped with Smartlink Security Automation

With the gateway installed, several volunteers have access to the app on their smartphones. This enables station command to control and keep track of entry and exit at the station and assists in speeding up launch times, previously delayed by waiting for authorised volunteers to arrive with keys to open the base and de-activate the alarm system.The Smartlink solution allows any authorised user to open entry doors and the boat shed roller shutter doors whilst en route to the station, or from anywhere, for that matter. They no longer need to rely on someone with a key getting to the station to start preparation for assisting in an emergency.

The cameras that have been installed, allow station command to check on the premises remotely and they can also keep a check on sea conditions by logging in to the outdoor cameras.  The cameras help station command keep an eye on activity at the base without having to be there.

NSRI Sample Camera Footage

NSRI Sample Camera Footage

Training often carries on until late at night, which historically resulted in the failure to arm the alarm system. Station command can now check on the activity at the station and can also check if the base is cleared before arming the alarm system remotely. By having visuals of the cause of false alarms activations, volunteers’ time is not wasted by having to go out to the station for every false alarm.

NSRI Sample Camera Footage

NSRI Sample Camera Footage

Further use scenarios are both very practical and important for upkeep of equipment. Vessels, wetsuits and related equipment needs to be dried out after a launch with the use of fans, which previously required somebody to either stay at the base or come back to switch the fans off. These fans can now be switched off remotely – again saving volunteers’ time and effort and ensuring that their time is not wasted unnecessarily. 



Station commanders Rhine Barnes and Ian Klopper have extended their appreciation and the team are over the moon at having the advantage of being able to assist – remotely –  to ensure that they have the fastest rescue time available in their on-going efforts of saving the lives of people in distress. 


This is just another unique way that the Smartlink gateway has been adapted to ensure niche utilisation.

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