IOT adds value 300x188 - IOT (Internet of Things) Connectivity adds value to your property

Love it or hate it, we live in a connected world. We can adopt the ostrich mentality or embrace IOT connectivity as an enabler that simplifies and add value to our lives.


IOT enables real-time control over your brick and mortar investment. No more wondering what is happening at your property when you are away. Not only will you be notified via push notification on your cell phone of any activity at your premises but you are also able to check-in on the status or control your devices, locks, energy usage, security system or cameras any time you wish, from anywhere you want.


Lets face it, a monitoring centre agent that processes a new alarm signal every couple of minutes during a 12-hour shift, does not have the time or property specific knowledge to interpret and make sense of every alarm signal eminating from your property. Then there is the question of access to your property when the armed response arrives. Do you know if the staff member who left the office last, armed the alarm system or switched off the lights on Friday afternoon?

All IOT connectivity does is bring you into the loop, cost effectively and in real-time. By knowing what is going on, you could trim the offending shrubbery that is causing false alarm call-outs, open the gate for the armed response or create rules that ensures the alarm is armed when required.


Do you still leave the keys with a neighbor for cleaning services or just in case an emergency occurs? Do you know how many hands handle these keys or do you even remember who has keys for your property?

A connected home needs no keys. Open or close doors and gates from your mobile device and arm or disarm your alarm as you need to. Sync your front door code with your alarm system or create a one-button command that would perform all your opening up (or any other) tasks: open gate, open garage door, disarm alarm, unlock front door, switch on geyser, switch on entrance hall lights etc.

Air BnB, rented holiday home or friends staying over: Share access to your property on the fly and revoke access when it suits you. No need to share physical keys. Access codes can be given and deleted as required.


Did you know that conventional alarm monitoring platforms only check for a 24-hour auto test? That is a long time for a burglary to occur. In addition, most alarm reporting radios will send a 24-hour test independently from the alarm system, creating the impression the alarm is working, whilst the alarm could be disabled.

IOT based alarm communication connects to the heart-beat of your alarm system and does system health checks every few minutes, ensuring you know when your system fails within minutes.

Add to that smoke and water sensors that alerts you by instant push notification at the first indication of abnormal smoke or water detection. Push notification puts you in contact instantly and you are empowered to make potentially huge risk mitigating interventions. Most insurance companies will consider a premium discount on this facility, possibly bringing your net monthly financial obligation for IOT services to almost zero.


In addition to cost savings associated with being in control 24 hours per day, being informed and able to intervene from anywhere, further savings are possible by approaching your insurer to renegotiate your premiums based on the risk mitigating steps you have taken. Add to that the ability to measure and intervene on the power consumption of your connected devices, you are quite possibly looking at all the benefits of a connected home, for less than you are paying now for an un-connected (sic) property.


Whether you are a security integrator, service provider or end-user. We have an exciting solution for you.


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