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Whilst smart technology for the home and business are still in the emerging stage, 2017 saw smart technology move from the early adopter phase to mass market adoption.

Not only are home and holiday home owners, Airbnb owners and SME business owners becoming familiar with SMART technology, they are also welcoming the ease of use and added lifestyle benefits SMART technology is making available to them.

SMART technology is no longer marred by the fear of the unknown. Z-wave technology is being incorporated into home and business management systems because they allow lifestyle flexibility and management control of numerous systems under one simple platform. SMART technology is no longer associated only with sound systems and entertainment systems, but has been adopted as an integral security asset for the property / business owner


Security is the key driver for smart home and business adoption, thereafter “convenience” and lifestyle comes into play. Whilst many people are still under the impression that one needs to eliminate armed reaction services and manage everything themselves, this is not the case. All SMART technology works as an added value and does not replace any of your existing security measures.

Whilst SMART technology adds plenty of scope for lifestyle and cost saving initiatives, it’s the control of alarm systems that still sells most SMART devices. More and more people are seeing the power of remote control of access, alarm arming and disarming and camera monitoring in real time from their smart phones. Businesses who have spent fortunes on reports and alarm call outs and better infrastructure are now seeing the advantages of having all system reporting to one central data store. Allowing access remotely adds tremendous efficiencies as does the ability to monitor who accesses what and when via the real time and historic camera footage. A response company would be hesitant to jump over high walls with electrified fencing to investigate a potential burglary, but with SMART technology you could instead open the perimeter gate to allow them to do their job. It is no wonder that once Z-wave technology is introduced to the home or business, people seldom opt for anything else and regard SMART technology as the new standard.



Millennials are in the top ranks of the home buyer sector and not only do they want the lifestyle enhancements that SMART technology offers, but also know that adding smart technology to their homes means an average increase of around 5% in the home resale market. At the very least, adding a Yale Smart Lock to their main entrance, makes a serious impression on future buyers as they immediately recognise the advantages of being able to unlock their homes remotely.


Smart Technology is assisting the aged to remain in their homes and independent for much longer. Smart lighting, security systems, and sensors such as water leak and smoke detectors were among the most popular connected products with homeowners in the 55-to-75 and 75-plus age groups. Connectivity to their children via smartphone alert or via voice technology allows interaction even when their children live overseas.



Energy management is a breeze with SMART technology. In the age where energy costs are sky rocketing, it is incredibly useful to have real time oversight of your energy consumption. Adding SMART switches that are either voice controlled via Alexa or programmed to switch on and off at predetermined times makes it easy to manage and curb energy consumption.


By simply adding a water sensor to your geyser drip tray or other water flood risk areas, the possibility of returning home to a flooded house is a thing of the past.  Tell that to your insurance company and see them smile broadly. Burst geysers are the 2nd highest claim item for insurers.  A water leak sensor on your sump pump allows you to receive notifications if water is detected in this important plumbing device. We don’t need any water leaking in the Western Cape! In addition, with the SMART phone app, you also have the real-time notification of a power failure so that you can act quickly to prevent security risks or costly waste from refrigerated food from thawing out.


Adding extreme lifestyle facilitation, smart light switches turn on/off outside lights. Outlet switches and motion sensors trigger lights on or off when movement is present. During the holiday season and for exterior lighting, use the outlet switches to plug in lighting and then control or set scenes that turn the lights on day or night. That means that lights aren’t left running unnecessarily during the day and are illuminated in the evenings for your family to enjoy. Energy saving and SMART!

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