Smartlinkgraphic 300x300 - What Does Smartlink Do?Smartlink supplies electronic devices and the cloud platform for smart control of your property from anywhere. The Smartlink automation gateway and associated app keeps you in-touch with your property from anywhere in the world.

From your mobile device, a press of a button can disarm your alarm, open the front door and the garage door, switch on lights, lower the blinds, turn on the fireplace, dim the lights, heat the spa, and turn on your music. With a smart system in your home, you can perform elaborate functions from across the house or from the other side of the world via the Internet. The possibilities are endless.

Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on your network. The programming can include time-related commands, like having your geyser turn on or off at specific times each day. It can also include non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights and enabling cameras to start recording in your home when your security system alarm is triggered.

This does not mean that your current devices will no longer work. The Smartlink solution connects to your existing devices such as alarm system, garage door, or lights and geysers and just adds additional functionality, without making any of your existing infrastructure redundant.

Why do you need this?

Alarm and CCTV Integration is especially useful for those who are security conscious. Your alarm system can be automated so that the moment your alarm goes off, your lights and cameras are activated to start recording, ensuring maximum surprise for any unwanted visitors to your home.

We’re all used to opening the garage door from the car, but you’ll be surprised how much safer you’ll feel coming home to a lit home. Add a few switches and you have your whole house light up like Fort Knox if there is motion detected at any corner of your house.

Does your armed response have access to your property in the event of an alarm activation? When last have you updated your alarm user code? Do you have visibility of which zone is causing a false alarm. Can you open the driveway gate to allow your response company to investigate an alarm activation properly? Smart security places all this at your fingertips through a user- friendly web interface.

Energy efficiency and water leakage detection

All devices connected to your electricity supply provides energy consumption readings, allowing you to see where the highest energy spend is going and allows you to manage this. A water sensor fitted to the geyser drip tray can notify you of water leakage in real time, wherever you are.


Once you start to understand the possibilities of home automation scheduling, you can come up with any number of useful and creative solutions to make your life better.

With the introduction of our smart cloud platform, you have endless options to control devices on command, schedule events based on time or based on other event triggers. Scheduled events refer to applications where something happens at the same time each day. For example, if you want your geyser to switch on at 06h00 and off at 09h00 every morning this is a timed event. A triggered event is when you want your driveway lights to come on and your camera to send you a recording when your driveway beam activates. By combining a selection of timed and triggered events there is very little that a smart home can’t do.


For the price of a pizza per month, you can now open for the garden services when you are on holiday without taking anyone’s time to help you out. You can open the house for your kids when you are stuck in traffic or just receive a push notification (or video clip) when they arrive home safely – the scenarios that will benefit you are endless.

The Smartlink gateway does not require you to install a new system. The Smartlink Gateway is retrofittable and compatible with most alarm systems used in SA and your local installer or electrician can fit the plug- and- play devices for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. You can also add on devices as and when you need them. There is no wiring required at all!

What else can the Smartlink Gateway control?

Voice Control – Control your alarm with voice, with Amazon Echo (Alexa).

Lighting Control – Automate on command, on schedule or by motion detected by the alarm.

Pool pumps & geysers scheduling – Schedule or control on command

Access – Control gates, garage doors, door locks, mag locks and more whilst being able to see the status open or closed status at any time.

Video – Record, watch live, receive video of selected events or listen-in to activity in your home or office.

Push notification – Select and set up which events you wish to be notified, wherever you are.

Smartlink does things differently. We believe nobody is better positioned to look after your assets than you are. Our technology is aimed at putting you in control, wherever you are.

It’s THE intelligent way of securing and monitoring your assets. Call us for a demo to see how SMART Technology can help you be SMART

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