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About Smartlink

Smartlink is a connectivity provider that makes homes and business spaces safer, more convenient, and enjoyable by enabling 360 degree mobile control to end users from anywhere in the world. We achieve this through the online distribution of retro-fittable, wireless home and office automation hardware that connects properties to end-users over a global IOT platform. This technology enables transparent and real-time monitoring and remote control of electronic end user devices.

Our founding team began their journey in the security industry before computers were main stream tools in alarm monitoring. Having made the journey through the advancement from analogue to digital technology, it became apparent that the convergence of technology requires a new approach to how humans interact with, not only their security, but their properties overall. Experience has taught us that overall control and risk mitigation can only be effectively achieved by enabling the end-user to play an active role in securing their own properties. Whilst using subcontracted security services are necessary, we believe that subcontracting accountability is counter-productive.

Our endeavor to make use of technology to enable end-users to take control of their own properties, lent the starting momentum in our search for the most appropriate technology for South Africa’s peculiar challenges. Today our hardware and IOT platform solutions are built upon the core philosophy that owner overview is paramount even within a subcontracted security arrangement. It’s our goal to facilitate, enhance and even augment ownership oversight to play a role in making their properties safer, more enjoyable and even mitigate risk and save costs.


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