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Smartlink is deployable wherever 3G coverage exists and create opportunities in a variety of industries. Smartlink solves real life problems and excite end users through our 3 principles that always apply.

3 principles - Industry Solutions
security and automation - Industry Solutions


Offer your customers the benefit of a global platform hosted on world class server infrastructure for the fastest command relaying and most reliable alarm transport and signal transmission in the industry.

Grow Recurring Revenue
Increase recurring revenue by offer clients more value with world class technology and lifestyle enhancements. Our distributed installer programme facilitates your access to world class technology and benefits for your clients, whilst earning recurring revenue.
Open a whole new world of hardware sales opportunities
Smartlink takes care of regulatory compliance and the global Z-wave standard assures interoperability between devices across brands. Empower your sales team to bring the solutions of the 4th industrial revolution to your clients and position your business for growth.
Provide Seamless Online Support
Provide your customers with online support through our interactive Smarttech support platform. Identify failures and save money by providing online support and establishing a reduced call-out requirement.
Offer “always-on” IP Alarm Monitoring
SMARTLINK’s automation gateway also acts as an alarm communicator. Install our free virtual alarm receiving application on your server and instantly receive Contact ID alarm signals into your controlroom. Patented “always-on” IP based monitoring and advanced network supervision ensures 24 hours connectivity and notification of failures. Smartlink communicates through a Vodafone global sim card with automatic roaming between networks to ensure your central station knows instantly when a client panel goes off-line, eliminating the risk associated with off-line 24 hour tests.


You already have the power of big data to accurately underwrite the risk of your health and vehicle insurance business.

With SMARTLINK you can now develop an insurance plan that encourages risk mitigating behaviour of your property insurance book by passing on the savings of reduced risk to end users.

RESTful API access directly to your customer data
Our insurance partnership programme gives you ownership of your customer data. RESTful API’s enable deep integration with your existing proprietary and 3rd party systems, including CRM’s, eCommerce, support and billing platforms. Develop your own source of artificial intelligence feeding on connected device data that could predict future events, with cloud integration that allows you to understand customer behavior.
Micro target customers with a data backed plan
Build tailor made solutions allowing customers to receive incentives for engaging in risk-reducing behavior. Engage customers and arrest attrition with a customized data-driven plan that establishes a direct channel for customer interaction and engagement.
Reward and Incentivise
Encourage risk mitigating behaviour and incentivize technology driven solutions funded by redused risk exposure, putting you in control of risk whilst affording your customer engaging lifestyle benefits.
White Label Development
White label custom development flexibility puts your brand behind innovative and engaging solutions for your customers.

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Centralise oversight over your dispersed facilities like retail outlets, branch offices or depot’s with real time information and control.

One login for all your properties
SMARTLINK provides you with one cloud login to oversee the status of all your properties, whether your need is security, video or automation.
Real-time information
View the status of your security or video systems in real time, get instant push notifications of events or look up history to base your decision making on current information.
Take control
Add, amend and revoke user codes and access or arm and disarm your security systems, switch lights and other devices on or off and lock up or open up by schedule or on command.
Assign accountability
Assign accountability by enabling supervisor control and oversight 24 hours per day. With SMARTLINK there are no excuses.


Desktop management of your whole property portfolio

One login for all your properties
SMARTLINK provides you with one cloud login to oversee all your properties from your desktop or mobile phone, whether your need is user friendly security, visual services inspection or remote access.
Access from anywhere
Find it disruptive to balance your priorities with site inspections, guest or service provider access? With SMARTLINK you can facilitate access for service providers, check apartment readiness or even check-in your next guest from your pc or phone. Make the move to digital access and provide temporary access credentials for guest and never have to collect a key ever again.
Security made easy
Ensure your guests and their possessions are safe by removing their phobia of alarm system keypads. By introducing easy to manage security from a mobile app, your guests are more likely to use the security system and less likely to be exposed to crime.
Service Provider Management
With SMARTLINK’s anytime access, any time is a good time for the plumber or laundry service to arrive. Don’t wait or be delayed by circumstances outside your control. Let them in, check on their work and lock up, without it costing your valuable time.

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Offer SMART building status for your next development with engaging technology that presents a value proposition that pays for itself.

SMART Marketability
Differentiate your development with a powerful but cost effective smart home base kit. Add value and appeal with a development wide roll-out of SMART technology. The value it adds, pays for itself.
Flexible Upscale Options
Earn SMART development status for your next development with the power of SMARTLINK. Our scalable automation gateway options provide the foundation for every property owner to populate their property according to their own lifestyle and automation requirements.
SMART Security
SMARTLINK’s automation gateway also acts as an alarm communicator to send alarm reports through to the on-site security for immediate intervention. Enhance the overall security integration of your next development with SMART security, centralized at your gate house or at a subcontracted security service provider.
White Label Insurance Options
Offer your buyers discounted white label insurance options from our reputable insurance partners with SMARTLINKS’ unique risk mitigating features. Put your brand behind innovative and engaging value that offers real lifestyle benefits.


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