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Value Creation

Knowledge empowers and informs behaviour. Informed behaviour mitigates risk.

Smartlink is deployable wherever 3G coverage exists and create opportunities in a variety of industries. Read more about where Smartlink can add value for your organisation. Smartlink solves real life problems and excite end users through our 3 principles that always apply


Next Generation Hardware Technology

SAAS Platform

Cloud based SAAS platform hosted on world-class web services infrastructure, utilizing load balancing and server redundancy to maximize speed and reliability.


White label custom development flexibility allows for new, innovative and engaging solutions for your customers.


Turn key IOT solutions enable faster entry to market on a fully managed and maintained platform.


RESTful API’s enable deep integration with your existing proprietary and 3rd party systems, including CRM’s, eCommerce, support and billing platforms.


Detailed reporting and analytics connect your directly to your customer data, giving you insight into your customer engagement.


GSM based AES 128 bit encrypted VPN facilitates direct alarm communication. No signal forwarding provides significantly faster and more reliable signal transmission.


Secure VPN with two-way feedback from all connected devices ensures instant interactive response and home control without frustrating delays.

Network Supervision

Advanced network supervision ensures 24 hours device connectivity and notification of failures.

Panel Protection

Panel sabotage protection. Patent-pending device level supervision provides an additional layer of protection for your security system.


360° Integration. The only solution available today that integrates your existing security system with device automation all in a single application

Industry Partners

An insurance plan feeding on connected device data could predict future events as cloud integration allows insurers to understand customer behavior



Assess and mitigate risk
Assigning scores to certain customer behavior and risk reduction equipment ie. water and fire sensors.


Micro-target customers
Build tailor made solutions allowing customers to receive incentives for engaging in risk-reducing behavior.

Data-backed plan
A customized data-backed plan approach establishes a far more direct channel for interaction and customer engagement.

Reward and incentivise
Encourage risk mitigating behaviour by passing on the savings of reduced risk to end users.

LPWAN (coming soon): Track, control or get instant alert of rule based violations, from any device, anywhere in the world

Cost Effective
Access the global Sigfox IOT network through our platform at up to 10 times cheaper than using cellular technology.

Low Power
The patented energy efficient communication protocol of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) devices could potentially last for ten years and more – up to 300 times more efficient than a cellular device.

Small size
The small size and efficiency of SIGFOX technology now makes anything connectable and has built-in reliability and security features.

Global network
SIGFOX technology enables devices to communicate from tens of kilometres away and the global standard and inter-connectivity make it work seemlessly anywhere in the world.

One central web logon for powerful control, user administration and history information for all your dispersed systems nationally

Cloud Login
One cloud login to access all your dispersed systems nationally.

User Administration
Add, delete and edit users, view alarm system or video history online.

Central Control
Arm disarm systems remotely on command or by schedule.


Control and monitor lights, freezers, geysers, gates, doors and more

Grant and revoke access for guests from anywhere. No more lost keys with keyless access

Cloud Login
One cloud login for all your systems.

Access Administration
Grant & revoke keyless remote access.

View History
View alarm system or video history online.


Control lights, freezers, geysers, gates, doors and more.

Earn “Smart” status for your development by including robust automation options into your development

Localised Alarm Monitoring
Centralise alarm monitoring at the gate house for rapid response.

White Label Insurance
Discounted white label insurance options for deployed secure estates.

Smart Home Development Status
Differentiate your development with a powerful smart home base kit.

Flexible Upscale Options

Flexible upscale options to full smart home functionality.

Offer your clients the fastest command relaying and most reliable alarm transport and signal forwarding in the industry


AES 128 bit encrypted VPN
A fully encrypted virtual private network enables direct communication to your central station. No signal relaying or  forwarding provides significantly faster and more reliable alarm signal transmission.

Patented “always-on” IP based monitoring ensures your central station knows instantly when a client panel goes off-line, eliminating the risk associated with off-line 24 hour tests.


One platform
One platform that connects to most existing alarm systems, enabling a world of automation and risk mitigation options that puts your customer in control.

Customer value

Join our distributed monitoring or installer programme for an array of discounts and incentives to add value to your business and your customer.

Our IP based alarm monitoring solution offers service providers the ability to receive customer alarm signals via virtual receiver at a central monitoring station, or at the gate house of gated communities or complexes.

Take control of security initiatives, people and machines with the power of Smartlink in the palm of youre hand.


Improve farm security by enabling alert and video sharing amongst farm watch members..

Collaborate pro-active security measures through instant push notification amongst farm watch members.

Save costs through energy management and remote control functionality over dispersed infrastructure such as pumps, gates and related infrastructure.

Manage time and people more efficiently by having oversight and control of your connected devices in the palm of your hand.

Available Q4 2017: Contact us now for an early partnership discussion


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