Aeotec Smart Garage Door Controller (Z-Wave) By Aeon Labs

Aeotec Smart Garage Door Controller (Z-Wave) By Aeon Labs
Aeotec Garage Door Controller (5V DC)
INSTALLATION: DIY or local alarm installer

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Developed to perform two distinct functions, Aeotec Garage Door Controller lets you both monitor whether a garage door or gate is opened or closed, and it also allows you to control a motorized garage door or gate using its existing motor. An integrated tilt switch monitors whether the garage door is opened or closed. The motor controller both retrofits with a garage door’s existing motor and your Z-Wave network, allowing you to optionally control the garage door via Z-Wave.

Aeotec Garage Door Controller is a smart and wireless Garage Door Control system. You can control the garage door to open, close, or stop moving via wireless signal on your gateway client or phone application. You can also control it by using the external switch when your controller or mobile phone is not on hand. Aeotec devices are designed by Aeon Labs.

This product is designed to work with the Smartlink Smart Home Hub.


Model number: ZW062.
Power supply: 5V DC Adapter for Garage Door Controller. CR2 Lithium battery 3V, 800mA for Sensor.
Max alarm power: 2W.
Max standby power: 1W.
Max volume: 105dB.
Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C/32°F to 104°F.
Supported audio format: MP3 or WAV.


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