Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Hub
Smartlink Automation Gateway – GSM & zwave on-board
INSTALLATION: DIY or local alarm installer

Cameras or gateways require a service subscription


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Smartlink’s automation gateway is the hub that enables a world of automation possibilities. The Smartlink gateway comes with a Vodafone global sim card that automatically migrates to the strongest 3G cellphone signal and connects to your alarm system for uninterrupted power supply. This hub then creates a AES 128 bit encrypted VPN with your connected devices, which you can access through a mobile app or web login to control them by schedule or on command from anywhere.


  • Fits most existing alarm systems
  • Arm and disarm your alarm system
  • Receive instant push notification of alarm events
  • Bypass zones
  • Control up to 200 individual Z-wave devices
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa
  • Activate lights on alarm motion detection
  • Add or revoke alarm user codes and sync with Yale Keyless Connected Lock
  • Reports alarm signals over IP
  • Online alarm supervision – offline detection within 90 minutes
  • View all alarm activity history on your app
  • Receive instant push notification of person arming or disarming system
  • Access energy consumption of connected devices


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