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Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions first to find the information that you need, please feel free to contact support should you have any other questions for us regarding our products or service offerings.

Can I use my existing cameras?

Smartlink uses cameras with proprietary firmware to optimise ease of installation, security and data throughput to enhance user experience. If we had to support every camera in the market, we would not be able to provide the seamless integration that we do.

What infrastructure do I need for this to work?

Once you purchased your Smartlink gateway, you can connect as many as 100 controllable devices, as long as you have a stable electricity supply and cell phone coverage in the area. The gateway is enabled with its own 3G connection, although camera data requires a wifi or ethernet internet connection.


Do you operate in my area?

Smartlink operates wherever you have cell phone network coverage. We make use of a world sim card (included in your monthly fee) that automatically roams to the best available network coverage.


What if I have more than one property?

The mobile app allows to control more than one gateway from a single mobile app. All you do is select the desired gateway you wish to connect to, once you open your app.


Is my alarm system compatible?

The Smartlink Interactive Gateway Module (IGM) connects to a Honeywell Vista™; DSC® PowerSeries™; GE® Interlogix Simon XT, XTi®, Caddx NX®, Concord®; Napco™ Gemini™ P816; Paradox™ MG 5050 and Texecom 412, 816 or 832 panels and provide full smartphone app control of the panel plus home automation features using its inbuilt Z-Wave radio module. The IGM connects to the Smartlink Cloud via its inbuilt 3G modem and SIM card. Click here for compatible alarm systems.

What if I move house or offices?

Because Smartlink is wireless, you can take your gateway, cameras and z-wave devices with you anywhere you go. 

How secure is my data?

 Smartlink deploys AES 128 bit encryption through a simcard based VPN. The same security level deployed by banks.

How do I get started?

Order your Smartlink interactive automation solution and contract period free subscription from our online shop and we will dispatch everything you need to your doorstep.

How do I get Smartlink installed?

Smartlink is designed for DIY installation with our intuitive app that guides you through the process. Our online technical team is also available to provide any support you may require. Should you suffer from severe techno phobia, your local alarm installer, electrician or locksmith will have no problems in installing these devices for you. It is advisable however that electrical control devices are installed by a qualified electrician. Contact our online technical support team for any further assistance you may need.


Do I need to run cables?

No. The Smartlink solution is completely wireless. All devices are connected wirelessly and are supervised by the new global z-wave technology standard.


Download the Smartlink App

Stay connected to your home with real time alerts and remote control across your entire system – all in one powerful mobile app. With a smart solution, you have instant visibility into activity across your entire system, and one-touch control. iPhone, iPad, Android


If you have any questions regarding the installation of your new product, please download any of the below supporting documents or do not hesitate to contact us.

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